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High above the clouds

At StopBy.Us you can book amazing attractions and adventures all over Dubai. Whether high above the clouds, in a luxurious jeep in the desert or down below the sea, we have it, you experience it.

In the mysterious desert

Care for a blood pumping ride over the pristine sand of the desert? Hop in our G-class safari SUVs and enjoy the ride!

or deep down below the sea

We pride ourselves on our underwater adventures and the amazing facilities you can experience. Descend down with our pro scuba dive instructors and ascend back up with a life-changing experience. 

Deep Dive Dubai

The deepest, most thrilling underwater diving facility in the world! Dive into this creative underwater city!

Get your own Safari SUV

Enjoy the desert sands with our selection of sturdy and battle-tested SUVs.

Check out here.

Underwater City

There is nothing like Deep Dive Dubai. Let’s Dive it together.

A night with the Bedouins

Witness a sunset worth a 1,000 words and enjoy the hospitality of the native Bedouins, with a ride in the desert and a dinner, hookah and more. 

A shopaholic?

Dubai is the place to present yourself in style. Don’t miss on our shopping tours with a professional butler at your side.

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